Monday, March 30, 2009

If anyone has any comments...

...they'd be greatly appreciated for my final blog!
Just in case you didn't feel like searching for the link, I'll post it again HERE. Any ideas or comments you guys have would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks guys :)


  1. -read your other blog postings...awesome!!
    i couldn't find anywhere to comment there, but i thought i would write a quick one here in response to your post about employers using facebook when making hiring decisions. ive heard lots about that before and it drives me absolutely crazy. the attraction of facebook, for me anyways, used to be that only those with an university e-mail could access you. there was no need to worry about random creepers posing as someone your age like on facebook- it was just for us and people like us. it was supposed to be a safe area for students to connect with and meet other students. opening up facebook to everyone has allowed employers to now look at information that we would never have presented in front of an employer. drinking photos or not, it's simply an expression of our personal lives- something that any employee anywhere is entitled to. who we are friends with, how we pass our spare time, what music we like...none of this should have anything to do with our hireability and i think employers taking advantage of this unassuming sharing environment are truly abusing their power. just because someone hits a keg stand doesn't mean they can't perform at's absolutely no basis on which to judge someone. what, like the employers creeping us don't drink?
    its defintely true that at this point, we don't have a choice but to censor ourselves. i think it's ridiculous. i'm pretty sure i didn't sign up for facebook thinking i was creating a professional profile.

    that's what resumes are interviews are for. let's go back to that shall we?

    iiiiiiif only

  2. I also read over a few of your blog posts, and agree it's awesome! I really liked how you discussed topics that relate directly to our lives, like facebook and turnitin. After discussing turnitin in class, I do not agree with it. In my experiences at Laurier I found I was forced to use it a lot more in my beginning years like 1st and 2nd years. I find these to be the years, when students are just starting out in their programs and still new to the whole university life and system. I don't know if this is done on purpose, but maybe we are forced to use this in the beginning years to scare us. Get us all in a routine and to show us how serious university takes plagiarism. Maybe if this is taught early on, they think that this will likely not happen. But I think if we have made it to University thus far, then we should know better not to plagarise. Especially, if we know we will be turning our paper online - do you really think students would deliberately copy and paste excerpts to directly from websites to include in our essay? I just believe turnitin to be a waste of time!

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